Hillbilly Jam – July 26th – 27th, 2024 – 10am-10pm daily

Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, 3347 Soco Road, Maggie Valley, NC 28751

Hillbilly Jam features loads of entertainment, Food, Crafts, Cornhole, Car & Bike Show, TV Celebrities and Moonshiners. Meet James Hatfield, of the original Hatfields and McCoys, owner of Feudshine Spirits and Garage, Feudshine Bob will be showing up in his new ride, join in the adrenaline rush of the Hatfield and McCoy tug-of-war, don’t miss it…

Spectators $10 per day / 10 & under FREE!



Lil’ bit of Rock n’ Roll, lil’ bit Country, but no matter what your taste, the tunes are sure to please. The youngins will dig the guitar riffs of our up and comers, will the old folks will like the classic banjo of the heritage Blue Grass.


Ain’t no happenin’ in these here neck of the woods without a arts n’ crafts gathering. Yep, they come from near and far to show their wears. Wood carvers, jewelers, candle makers, and if yer luck, a soap maker so you can go home and take that yearly bath.


You’ve seen them on the TV, making shine and running from the law, but here, they just stop buy to be famous for the day. Making appearances this year will be Moonshiner Roy Grooms, Mark & Digger, Chico, Moonshiner Mark Rogers, Little Moonshiners Garmer & Butch.

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